• 31 August 2017

    5 Things to Consider When Carpet Shopping

    A carpet is a big investment so, as with any other big decision, you need to spend time researching, comparing, and talking to the experts. Just like buying a car, you need the lowdown on the features, functions, and the benefits this new addition will bring to your home. Most importantly, you need to be confident that you have... Continues ...

  • 28 August 2017

    Carbon nanotube yarn generates electricity when stretched

      Wearable makers have long sought to   harvest electricity from your movement, but   current tech is expensive and inefficient.   However, researchers from Texas and South   Korea have discovered a promising method   using our good old friend, the carbon   nanotube. The team twisted the light... Continues ...

  • 20 May 2017

    Ten million square meters of carpet from Kashan issued

    Chairman of Standards and Industrial Research of Kashan carpet export more than 10 million square meters of the city's overseas last year. According to the public relations office on Sunday, Mohammad Reza Arian said carpet exports worth over 142 million dollars, the highest exports in terms of value is accounted for. He add... Continues ...