Social responsibility

Organizing drawing and painting, Iranian carpets
The study of history and reference books, rugs and field studies have demonstrated the depth of injustice, which throughout history has been drawing and painting, carpet valid.
Designers and artists whose original creations carpet and most basic stage of the production cycle are responsible rugs and carpets are also one of the Mzlvmtryn people.
In terms of at least 70% of the added value of carpet colors, carpet is and everyone can offer Rngbndyhay appropriate plans and designs original and tailored customer more creative in the global market product more competitive is the role of drawing and painting, carpets of very high status. In addition to the quality of Kartrah determinant of value-added product is careful, he can prevent the formation of defects in the carpet.
Especially from the perspective of modern marketing, the production of goods based on the tastes and needs of consumers and producers on the basis of order, drawing and painting Iranian carpets are the views of employers and producers and customers Baydmyqa understand and eventually the respect of the plans and designs of carpet increase added value.
With regard to this great and valuable role, responsible for carpet and groups and even bosses and producers have had the least attention and attention to this group. Iran National Carpet Center to the association of drawing and painting carpet in order to organize and organize drawing and painting, carpet until the first stage of the Association to identify, classify all drawing and painting, carpet in the country and according to the situation of each they educational services and special support to be made. Mainly devoted to the issuing ID cards to draw and paint, carpet by business organizations and their membership in trade unions and other occupational categories rugs can be solving problems.
Association of drawing and painting, rug country as in Iranian Calligraphers Association and drawing rugs to suit their skill rank is due to the scattering of paintings and drawings collisions taste of business organizations in the formation of this association in the provincial capitals virtually efficiency and effectiveness some do not have the Kmaaynkh has been the same thing. Obviously, part of the credits needed educational support designers and painters of Iran National Carpet Center Carpet country must meet in order to do this is optional. the most important design requirements resolve the awareness of the needs and tastes of customers.
Commemoration of prominent figures of drawing and painting carpet also must be purposive