Guide for watching yaldayekavir virtual tour

regarding virtual tour is a combination of multiple images, please read the guide once and for all before watching the virtual tour

1- to run a virtual tour on both computer and laptop

either run the flash player software on your device or download it from this page  

if you do not have this software, click on one of two options to get it:

Get flash player application for internet explorer(Click on the same line)

Get flash player application for non-explorer browsers like Firefox, Opera, Chrome (Click on the same line) 

if you do not want to install the flash player, you can use a HTML browser

2-run virtual tour on mobile and tablet

on all Apple products, virtual tour can be played by Safari browser without installing any plug-in.

on Android products, virtual tour on last version Firefox and Chrome are easily working.

to watch virtual tour on out of date browsers, you need to install the flash player from the link below:

get the flash player application for Android mobile(Click on the same line)

note: if you encounter a page as shown below on the browser, please click on the banned flag and then click on one of the two options that appears at the top of the browser, "Allow and Remember" option is necessary to run virtual tour.