Heat setting unit

Heatsetting is one of the characteristics of machine-made carpets that should be considered when buying a new carpet. Heatsetting is the name of a machine in spinning unit of carpet weaving factories. Being transformed into thread, the yarns should be kept in heatsetting machine. Functionally, heatsetting machine is very similar, in temperature and steam, to Iron so that it can increase the total quality of thread.
Advantages of heatsetting:
1-There is no color change in heatsetting thread after washing.
2- Expected to light and temperature, the heatsetting thread is more stable so that it can resist a hot iron for five minutes. It is also more resistant to dust particles and air pollution effects.
3- There is less piling which leads to more beauty and less allergic circumstances for the ill.
4- Carpets made of heatsetting threads have distinguishable threads and are so called pint paint which contributes to the beauty of carpets.
5- There is more pleasing pile in heatsetting carpets.